Significant win for Dunlop Heywood on behalf of aviation client at Valuation Tribunal

Dunlop Heywood’s London office has secured a significant win for its client Regional & City Airports, owners of Bournemouth Airport, following a decision by the Valuation Tribunal for England.

The business rates’ appeal centred around two “blister” hangers built in the 1950s which had been converted and let for commercial business use. The useable floor space at both premises was limited due to the shape of the buildings, and they are both located landside at the airport.

 Building 399 (warehouse premises) had a 2010 Rateable Value of £38,250, increased by the VOA on the 2017 Rating List to £71,000. Subsequent checks were issued and it was initially reduced by 4.3 per cent and a further 3 per cent respectively. Following the most recent decision by the Valuation Tribunal the RV has now been settled at £44,250, with effect from 1/4/2017, an overall reduction of just over 30 per cent from the original 2017 Rating List .

The second Hanger 397 ( factory premises) had a 2010 Rateable Value of £34,250, this was increased by the VOA on the 2017 Rating List to RV £52,500 with effect from 01/04/2017. This assessment was then deleted and re-entered into the Rating List as two separate assessments for Building 397 and Building 397A.  The assessment for Building 397 was increased by the VOA to RV £71,500.  Checks were lodged and the value was initially reduced by 2.8 per cent, with effect from 01/08/2019. After the latest successful appeal, the Valuation Tribunal declared an RV of £38,750 with effect from 01/08/2019, an overall reduction 55.9 per cent from the re-entered assessment on the 2017 Rating List.

Dunlop Heywood Director Joe Slater, who acted on behalf of Regional & City Airports, said: “We are obviously delighted by this decision and it comes at a time when the aviation sector and airports in particular are still struggling to recover from the last two years of travel and commercial disruptions. This ruling is significant, not only financially for our client, but for other UK airports who wish to challenge unfair business rates.”

As well as Bournemouth Airport, Regional & City Airports also own Coventry Airport, Exeter Airport and Norwich Airport, and operate Blackpool Airport and Solent Airport Daedalus on behalf of their owners.

The Valuation Tribunal decisions can be read in full here